Dream Wild Studio, Brand and Website Design Studio

Design Power Hour

*only available to past clients

Design Power Hour consists of custom edits on your website. I will be providing support in 30 min blocks (you can book 30 min to up to 3 hours). If you need any additional work that needs to be performed, you will have the option to book an extra hour or hire me for a custom project.

30 minutes: £50

1 hour: £105

1,5 hours: £155

2 hours: £210

2,5 hours: £260

3 hours: £315

*These prices are valid as of January 2023 and may be subject to change.

What can be done in 1 hour?  Quick website edits including image changes, editing existing copy, adding extra one or two sections to the page, adding a contact form, integration of any third-party plugin, etc.

→ If you’re looking to add an extra page, a long sales page, or a Blog to the website or have any major website edits, etc. please get in touch (info@dreamwildstudio.com).

What if I only need an edit that will take 15 minutes? Any task that takes less than half an hour will be charged £50.

How does it work?

1. Please get in touch with all the details about the edits you need
2. I’ll send you an estimate and let you know how much time it will require
4. I’ll work on your website and send you an email with the payment link and the total time I spent on the project
5. You’ll pay for the xz hours via the payment link