Why Use Online Quizzes on Your Website

Boost Engagement on Your Website With Online Quizzes

Online quizzes are one of the best (and fun!) ways how to get your website visitor’s attention, increase engagement on your website and get more leads! It also helps you to understand your customers more. Because online quizzes can be taken from virtually anywhere, they can be one of your number 1 marketing tools. You can very easily increase engagement on your website by including questions that are relevant to your brand or business. 

How to Get Started With Online Quizzes?

The first step is to choose the platform or tool that you’ll use to create your quizzes. We highly recommend using Interact Quiz. They are one of the best platforms and super easy to use. You can use your quiz as one of your daily posts on all of your social media platforms. Then you can use what you learn to personalize your marketing.

Interact Quizz, Why Use Online Quizzes on Your Website

1. Create a free account.

2. Choose from a variety of templates to create your first online quiz. You can filter the results according to quiz types: Personality quiz, Scored quiz, or Assessment quiz.

3. Start personalizing your quiz or start from scratch. You can always preview them first to see what each of them looks like.

4. Start creating the questions for your quiz. If you want more than one correct answer for a question you can enable multiple answers.

5. Then assign a score for each answer choice. For each range of scores, you will show your visitors a page that matches their score. Don’t forget to add a call to action button at the bottom – link the button to your products or services relevant to the topic of the quiz.

6. If you decide to turn on the Lead Generation your visitor will see their results if they join your mailing list. 

Interact Quizz, Why Use Online Quizzes on Your Website

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7. Now it’s time to share your quiz with the world. There are different ways how to do this:

  • Embed Code – you can add the quiz to your website. Create an extra landing page and drive the traffic to your own website.
  • Share Link – you can link it from your website or blog to the page where people can find the quiz.
  • Announcement Bar – you can create a floating bar that appears on your website that links to your quiz.
  • Popup – you can create a pop-up window of the quiz to show up on the website (or chosen pages).
  • Facebook – you can create a Facebook Ad and promote the quiz (don’t forget to install a pixel to track its conversions).

By using the online quizzes you can see what your bestselling products are, or give your customers/clients recommendations based on their results. You can also mix things a bit and use the quiz on your social media instead of the regular posts. Our recommendation? Give it a try and see how the online quizzes will work for you and your business. 

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