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What are your payment policies and methods?

Payment for services is submitted through an invoice and paid via Paypal or Stripe. Depending on the complete total cost and service, various payment options are available. 

What is the investment?

Every client and project is different. We recommend filling out the client application form or setting up a free 20-min discovery call, where we can chat more about your needs and we can provide you with a detailed estimate from there.

Monthly payment plans are available.

What are your typical turn times?

Project time frames will vary due to client response times (revisions, content, etc) and require a set schedule prior to starting your project. Brand + website design projects take around 5-9 weeks. 

Which website platforms do you work with?

We build and design websites on WordPress. If you have a preference for a particular platform, please indicate so in your inquiry form.

Can you update my existing website?

If you have an existing website that needs updating but not a complete overhaul, please contact us with all the info + link to your existing website.

How soon will we be able to start?

We’re only taking on a few clients every month to ensure each one gets enough special attention. Typically we’re booking 1 month+ in advance. That time between securing your project and getting started is perfect for the prep work we need to do. Inquire today to book your spot!

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