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3 Must-Have Elements For Your Homepage

When you’re creating a website, the most important thing to keep in mind is what YOUR visitors will want to see on your website and how to make them fall in love with what you do (turning them into paying clients).

Your Homepage has the power to welcome your Ideal Client and that’s WHY is so crucial to have all the things in place because remember that pretty website is just not enough – is the website which converts that counts!

These are 3 elements every effective homepage must have to grab attention and introduce what your company does in under 5 seconds.

Clear Navigation

Navigation plays a huge role in a great user experience for your audience. Keep it simple and easy because if people struggle to get around your website, they are more likely to leave the website than waste time trying to figure out where to go next.

Don’t over-complicate the verbiage and make your audience guess where each link will take them. I know it’s fun to have different creative words on the menu but it can cause confusion for your customers and rather than figure out where to go next, they leave your website.

To decrease bounce rate, give your visitors a clear path to the pages they need right from the homepage. Make the navigation menu visible at the top of the page, and organize the links in a hierarchical structure.

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A brief summary of who you are

This is important. If you land on someone’s website the first thing you want to see is a brief explanation of who they are and what they do. You don’t want to wander or browse for ages to figure out what the website is all about. Again, keep it simple – it can be a tagline, your picture, and just a few sentences about who you are, what you are doing, who you are serving, and what is your mission.

Your audience should be able to identify your business before they scroll down the page.

3 Must-Have Elements For Your Homepage

A Call-to-Action

This one is probably one of the most important things people forget about on their websites. I encourage people to have any form of call-to-action not only on the Homepage but on every single page. Decide on what is your goal for your business and then use different types of call-to-action options to achieve that.

A call-to-action is when you ask your audience to do something.

On your homepage, this is usually a “top-of-the-funnel” action, such as subscribing to your blog, and/or a “bottom-of-the-funnel” action, such as requesting a consultation. decide what one or two actions you really want people to take when landing on your site. Having more than this will only confuse your visitor and clutter their buyer’s journey.

TIP: If you want your audience to act, offer them a discount, a free consultation call, or anything else they can benefit from.

Always keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to impress your ideal client when he lands on your website so keep it simple and on the point!

There are so many more ways and options how to get the best out of your homepage. It all depends on WHAT is your main goal for your website is. But these three are definitely a must-have:







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